As Sealladh an Loch is a family home, please allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are the Reed and Sweetland family. Although we have lived in the South East of England for most of our lives, we do actually have strong Scottish roots. I was born in Peterhead, and my brother, Paul, in Aberdeen. We have very fond childhood memories of holidays in Aberdeen spending time with our grandparents, and after they passed away, we made the decision to re-establish our roots.

Sealladh-an-Loch was designed and constructed by us, specifically to provide our own extended family with a luxurious and spacious, yet cosy and comfortable holiday home. The decor is intended to be clean and simple to accentuate the light and space, but each room has its own theme. The colours and accessories in the bedrooms represent the characters of individual members or couples in the family.

My name is Sue, and I am responsible for all the admin, finance, lettings and housekeeping matters. I am married to Jeremy, who project-managed the building of Sealladh-an-Loch. Without him, this project would never have happened, and he now looks after the technical side of things. We have two grown-up children, Katy and James. I am always telling Katy that when I retire, all my duties will pass to her, which scares her witless! In the meantime, she takes an active interest (I call it training!) and helps out whenever she can. James is always happy to provide muscle when required.

My brother, Paul, and sister-in-law, Kisha have both been actively involved with the whole project. Paul accompanied Jeremy on numerous working trips ‘up north’ during the construction phase, which are the subject of many funny (and not-so-funny!) tales. Kisha loves shopping, and does a fantastic job as head interior designer and buyer – there’s nothing she likes better than a shopping list! They have three children, Alex, Jana and Joel. Alex is also very handy when muscle is required, and Jana and Joel will no doubt be appointed duties when they are a bit older.

Last, but definitely not least is my Dad, Maurice. It was Mum and Dad who took on the job of searching for a piece of land while the rest of us were out at work, and I am sure you will agree that they did a great job! They contributed to the planning and design of the house, and played a major role in the construction by sourcing materials, fixtures and fittings, and making numerous working trips. Mum always had clipboard in hand, showing she meant business – no tradesman dared argue! Mum’s absolute favourite part was buying the crockery, kitchen goods, towels etc with Kisha. We often teased her that she was out buying towels and cups & saucers before we’d even dug the foundations!

Tragically, Mum passed away just 5 months after the house was completed. Thankfully, she was was able to do the job she was most looking forward to – putting the crockery, glasses and towels in the cupboards! She loved the view from the top corner of the garden, so we have planted a tree and placed a bench there in her memory.

We are extremely proud of our house, and we hope you take the opportunity to spend some time in it, and to enjoy it as much as we do.

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